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I am a three-time Emmy Award-nominated editor, specializing in fiction and non-fiction storytelling. 

I've cut acclaimed feature documentaries and dramas, trailers, music videos, and television series

(one is on your local PBS station RIGHT NOW).

If there's one consistent comment I've heard about my work over the years, it's simply this: 

"David makes things better."

Take a look.  Have fun.  I did.

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The best editing advice I ever got was from my first employer/mentor, who always said "The film will tell you how to cut it."

That idea infuses my work to this day.

I began in film, moved to linear video editing (I cut ten years of a PBS series on two VCRs), started non-linearly on Avid, then Final Cut, and now Premiere.

The hardware doesn't matter.  My strength as an editor is an instinctual sense of "what does the audience want to see, right now?"

In other words, it's always the film talking to me, telling me how to cut it.



And here's a resume.

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